Teen Driver Coaching

Whether you want to know where your teen driver is tonight or want to help them maintain great driving behavior, GeodeTech is the solution for you and your loved ones.

Most teens today have a mobile device and that device is the key to help them acquire the behaviors necessary to become great citizens of the road.

With GeodeTech, you can choose to monitor what you want. You can create geo-fences to make sure your drivers are where they say they are. If by mistake, they were to go outside the geo-fence, you can receive an alert letting you know where your driver is, and as importantly, where your driver is going.

You can also chose to create coaching moments by setting alerts. An Alert is a personal message sent to you or your driver’s email address or text inbox when the vehicle is speeding above a threshold set by you, or if your driver is accelerating too fast or breaking too harshly. You can also decide to save those coaching moments for when your driver makes it safely home

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