Fleet Tracking with Behavior Coaching

Real time fleet tracking & management solutions have become a requirement of the modern day fleet. Competition and the need for better efficiency drives managers to seek the solutions they need.

Geode is the easiest way to get a view of your fleet. Using the GeodeVu app installed on a smartphone or tablet you will quickly learn your fleet location, speed and more. Set up rules and geofences to monitor when your fleet arrives or departs a particular location or monitor your fleets speed against the local speed limit.

Whether you have 1 vehicle in your fleet or 100,000, the benefits for your company include:

  • Reduced fuel costs 
  • Providing more effective dispatching and rerouting
  • Providing a sense of safety for your drivers when in need with our built in communicator
  • Addressing delivery disputes with guaranteed delivery logs
  • Driver scorecards to help better driver performance

We want you to experience the very best in real time fleet tracking & management solutions in the market today; GeodeVu; and start reaping the benefits we’ve listed above.

Every company is different and therefore has different needs; we are always developing new features designed via feedback and therefore providing new benefits in return. If you have a special requirements/integrations/features after evaluating the GeodeVu solution, we look forward to hearing your feedback and working with you in the future on your needs!