About Us

We are Geode Tech, we offering the GeodeVu application, a unique smartphone based driver behaviour monitoring solution, available through our partners storefronts (Apple, Android, BB10). Within minutes, you're setup and ready to go... Sign up, Download the app, begin tracking. Powerful reporting, dashboards and driver scorecards are just some of the features GeodeVu can deliver.

Geode Tech's headquarters are located in Fredericton, NB. Canada

Our goal is to provide a cloud-based solution to manage driver behavior and insure assets. We do this using hardware you already own (Apple/Android/ BB10 devices).

In addition to GeodeVu we also offer an optional in vehicle module (GeodeMe) that pairs with your smartphone to provide detailed telematics information so that you can have data on: fuel consumption, vehicle health, accident recording & recovery, and much more. Visit our solution overview page for more details on both GeodeVu and GeodeMe.